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Actor Alec Baldwin Fatal Shooting On Movie Set

By: Amira Crews Thursday, October 21st on the movie set of Rust, actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun that injured the director and killed another crew member. The incident occurred at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Actor Alec Baldwin did not know that the prop gun he was using wasContinue reading “Actor Alec Baldwin Fatal Shooting On Movie Set”

Pitt Moving Up in NCAA Power Rankings

By: Zander Stamatakis The Pittsburgh Panthers move up in the official NCAA power rankings after a win against the Clemson Tigers on saturday October 23rd at Heinz Field. Kenny Pickett, the quarterback for the Panthers, had an amazing game, putting up great numbers and stats, throwing for 302 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushing forContinue reading “Pitt Moving Up in NCAA Power Rankings”

Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids 5-12

By: Kierstin Sedon The United States developed a Covid-19 vaccine for younger kids ages 5-12, to prevent them from getting Covid-19. The children’s vaccine is a smaller dosage than the adult’s vaccine. The vaccine may not protect them 100% from the virus, but it at least has a very low chance of them getting Covid-19.Continue reading “Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids 5-12”

Henry Ruggs Killed Woman While Driving 156 mph

By: Mary Urso On Tuesday of last week, Henry Ruggs drove under the influence at 156mph, causing a fatal crash. He crashed into the car of 23-year-old Tina Tinter. Her Toyota ROV4 exploded into flames upon impact. She along with her dog were killed. Henry Ruggs sustained an injury to the neck and other minorContinue reading “Henry Ruggs Killed Woman While Driving 156 mph”

Why QAnon Supporters are Refusing to Leave Dallas, TX

By: Mary Urso Hundreds of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas’s Dealey Plaza today, on the eighth of November. They came to witness the return of President John F Kennedy and his son JFK Jr. Their hope was to hear them announce the reinstatement of Donald Trump as President. This idea was started by a QAnonContinue reading “Why QAnon Supporters are Refusing to Leave Dallas, TX”

Standardized Testing: What’s Next?

By: Mary Urso On Tuesday October 26, students grades 9-11 at Ringgold High School took their PSAT tests. The school requires this test to be taken by all underclassmen because it can open up opportunities for scholarships. But after taking the tests mandated by the school, many students are left wondering “What’s next?” Although aContinue reading “Standardized Testing: What’s Next?”

Ram Band Wins Competition 3 Years in a Row

By: Mary Urso On Saturday October 2, Ringgold marching band won the CalU homecoming parade competition for their third year in a row. The band competed against other high schools in the area, winning with a score of 88. Their score was 8 points above the second place winners. Although many band students felt theContinue reading “Ram Band Wins Competition 3 Years in a Row”

Annual Trax Farm Fall Festival

By: Kierstin Sedon A Fall Festival is going to be held at Tra Farm in Finleyville. It will be held every Saturday and Sunday, from September 25th – October 24th, and is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each ticket is about $10 per person and children under 2 years old are free. The festivalContinue reading “Annual Trax Farm Fall Festival”

Merck Released New Covid-19 Medicine

By: Blake Seliga On October 1st, Merck announced the release of a pill that they claimed will prevent the spread of Covid-19. The pill does not take away the virus, but it does prevent the virus from spreading. According to partner, Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, the drug kept patients out of the hospital, and moved the stocksContinue reading “Merck Released New Covid-19 Medicine”

Local Halloween Attraction Reopened after Shooting

By: Amira Crews Haunted Hills Hayride of North Versailles will reopen with new protocol and procedures, after a shooting took place two weeks ago leaving one teen dead and the other teen injured. Haunted Hills Hayride will reopen Friday September 24th at 7:00 p.m. September 11th 8:15 p.m gunfire broke out near the ticket boothContinue reading “Local Halloween Attraction Reopened after Shooting”