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Ringgold High School Veterans Day Assembly

By: Amira Crews

Wednesday November 10th, students and teachers of Ringgold High School presented an assembly for local veterans. Students and staff showed their gratitude to the veterans by performing for them.

Many students participated in the program. Students read poems and letters acknowledging the reason for Veterans Day, and also showed their appreciation through performances.

The junior and senior choir sang gracefully to the patriotic song ¨God Bless America,¨ Senior, Khristina Morris played the classical music piece “Hallelujah” on her violin. The marching band had also performed a patriotic tune.

At the end of the program a tribute video was played for veterans, which was made by juniors Zoey Mundorff and Martina Stasko. After the assembly the veterans were applauded and ushered out of the auditorium and into the cafeteria for a breakfast served by the school’s cafeteria.

Mr. Callaway, social studies teacher, coordinated the Veterans Day Assembly. With the help of some of his junior students, he has put on this assembly for years.

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