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Red Ribbon Week

By: Julia Corey

On the week of Monday, October 25th through Friday, October 29th, Ringgold High School participated in a schoolwide effort to spread awareness about drug use and abuse known as “Red Ribbon Week.” The homeroom class with the most participation would earn a prize from the junior class.

Preparing for “Red Ribbon Week”, Ringgold made sure to give out information the week prior so that everyone would be aware of what the different activities were going to be. Each day of the week had a different and clever category for students and faculty to follow as a school.

On Monday, students and faculty were asked to wear the color red to be “proud to be drug free”.

Next, the theme for Tuesday was to wear Tie-Dye to “peace out drugs”.

Thirdly, Wednesday was a crazy sock day to “sock out drugs.”

Then, the theme for Thursday was to “buddy up and say no to drugs” and twin with a friend or fellow classmate.

Lastly, the school was asked to “Ram Out Drugs” by wearing extreme blue and gold, the school’s colors.

“Red Ribbon Week” is a way to encourage kids to stick together and to choose to go down the right path. Kyle D’Alessandro, a senior at Ringgold High School, participated in the event everyday. According to Kyle, “Red Ribbon Week is a great way to unite the school and really push to put an end to drug use in not only young people but adults too.”

To end off the week with a kick, the winners of “Red Ribbon Week” at Ringgold High School consisted of the students in Mrs. Roman’s class and their prize consisted of Poptarts and donuts!

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