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Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids 5-12

By: Kierstin Sedon

The United States developed a Covid-19 vaccine for younger kids ages 5-12, to prevent them from getting Covid-19.

The children’s vaccine is a smaller dosage than the adult’s vaccine. The vaccine may not protect them 100% from the virus, but it at least has a very low chance of them getting Covid-19. There have only been three cases of Covid out of 3,000 children who have gotten the vaccine.

There may be quite a few side effects including, pain where the shot was given, fatigue, headache, chills, along with some other symptoms. Some kids may not experience any side effects. Many people believe that the second shot´s effects are worse and hurt worse than the first shot.

There was a push for a vaccination among younger children, so that parents could send their kids to school without fear of them contracting Covid-19.

Children getting the vaccines could help more than 28 million people throughout the world, and it could also prevent others from getting Covid-19.

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